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Flathead Threaded Insert – Open End Keyed

  • Designed for high load applications. Designed for high load applications. Available with rib, key or full hex features for high torque applications.

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L/T "4 - 8 Weeks"

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Thread Size

Thread Size X Pitch

Thread Specification

Fastener Material

Standard Material

Standard Finish

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Weight per 1000_lb

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CAD Supplier



ATLAS products Grip Range

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Base Panel Material

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Fastener Characteristics

Product Type

Technology Type

Unit (Metric/Unified)

A ± 0.38_mm

B ± 0.38_mm

C Nom._mm

E Max._mm

F + 0.13_mm

G Max._mm

H – Keyway Height_mm

Install Drill Size Ref._mm

Install Hole Size Max._mm

Install Hole Size Min._mm

øD – 0.1_mm

P – Keyway Width_mm

Pull Up Factor_mm