EV and Charging

PEM® drives innovation in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure with safe, cost-effective, and smart fastening solutions. Our expertise spans automotive and electronics, pushing the boundaries of EV technology.

PEM® Fastening Innovations. Powering the future of electric mobility.

The future is electric and there’s no stopping the increasing need for more innovation in the Electric Vehicle market. PEM® fastening solutions are smarter, stronger and more reliable than ever. Our comprehensive PEM fastener portfolio is strategically designed to meet today’s most critical EV and charging applications, which include HV battery connections, battery management systems, onboard chargers, DC-AC converters and controllers, thermal management systems and electric motors.

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Global EV production growth

Global EV production is expected to grow at a 28% CAGR over the next 5 years.

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Global EV Charging Infrastructure market growth

Global EV Charging Infrastructure market to grow at a 35% CAGR over the next 5 years.

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Unique users

Nearly 1M unique users research PEM® products per year.


For electric vehicle battery tray applications, check out our sister company PROFIL® – where Mechanically Attached Fasteners (MAF) provide a comprehensive porfolio of clean, high performing fastening solutions.


The Power to Connect

See how PEM® delivers engineering innovation with global services and
capabilities that expand beyond the automotive electronics market.

Automotive Electronics

Go above and beyond the ability of traditional screws for your automotive electronics applications. With PEM® fastening solutions, you get stronger, cleaner, more reliable performance – and faster time to market.

Our Top PEM® Automotive Electronics Fasteners

TK4™ TackSert® Pins

B™ Self-Clinching Blind Fasteners

THFE™ Heavy Duty Studs for Thin Sheet