About Us

Hoidan Company Limited

Established in 1984, distributes a wide range of fasteners and related products. Our products include PEM fasteners, Speed rivets, POP rivets, DTI grommet, seal protection, ITW plastic fastener, Spyraflo bearing, and more.

We’re dedicated to providing top-quality fastening technology for OEMs across the globe. With years of experience, we have expertise in various sectors like Automotive, Rail, EVs, Industrial Automation, and Robotics. No matter your needs in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, we have the right fastening solution for you.

Building on our reputation as a trusted PEM fasteners distributor, Hoidan is dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction. Our product range is comprehensive, featuring specialised items such as self-clinching fasteners, rivet nuts, press machine and tools for manual insertion, as well as advanced fully automatic installation systems. Whether you’re upgrading existing setups or seeking cutting-edge fastening technologies, Hoidan delivers solutions that set industry standards.

Contact us to discover how our fastening solutions can enhance your operational efficiency.