Supporting health technology and biotech, PEM® fastening solutions ensure reliability in medical devices worldwide. Partner with us for fasteners that maintain the high performance of your mission-critical medical systems.

PEM® Fastening Solutions. Connecting what matters most.

PEM® fastening solutions can be found in life-saving medical products all around the world. We partner with industry leaders in health technology, biotech, diagnostics, and medical equipment to ensure their mission-critical systems always maintain reliable operational performance.

Whether it’s simplifying an assembly by reducing loose hardware or creating a more appealing aesthetic for a product, trust the innovation behind PEM® products for your most challenging medical applications.
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Global industrial fasteners market growth

Global medical fastener market is expected to grow at a 8% CAGR over the next 5 years.

Unique PEM parts per year

Nearly 20,000 unique PEM® part numbers produced annually

Unique users

Nearly 1 million unique users research PEM® products per year.

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See what’s possible in the PEM® Innovations Lab. Here, collaboration between customers and PEM® applications engineers drives new ideas and new product innovations to advance performance for even the most challenging applications.

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