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Automotive Electronics

Better process control, lower installation costs, faster time to market. PEM® innovative fastening solutions with flexible design capabilities are strong, clean, and reliable for automotive electronic applications.

  • Self-clinching nuts and studs for busbar applications
  • Solutions for current carrying applications
  • Tamper proof and tamper resistant fastening solutions
  • Permanently mounted blind threads in metal sheets as thin as .008”/.2mm
  • Installation time reduced by eliminating secondary operations

Consumer Electronics

microPEM® custom and standard catalog parts that are tamper evident and provide a total system solution in critical consumer electronics applications.

  • Micro sized and lightweight for cutting edge electronics
  • Designed for thinner applications and cosmetic profiles
  • Solutions for upcoming Right to Repair legislation
  • Recycled content across product portfolio
  • Sustainable solutions to reduce excess waste from machining

Datacom and Telecom

Do more with less and solve big challenges in small spaces with PEM® standard and custom fastening solutions. Featuring captive nuts, studs and standoffs for unique datacom and telecom applications.

  • Products designed specifically for centerline to edge requirements
  • Reflow soldered PCB fastener solutions
  • Solutions for current carrying applications
  • High corrosion resistance and water tightness requirements for liquid cooling
  • Customized solutions for industry standards


Whether it’s a standard catalog part or a custom-engineered solution, PEM® fasteners stand up to both the complexity of advanced electronics to the rugged conditions required for a broad range of defense applications.

  • Many PEM® nuts, studs, standoffs and pins have the certifications needed to meet defense and military specifications
  • Department of Defense Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers (QSLM) – Class 2 and Class 3 Threaded Fasteners
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified – global PEM® locations in U.S., Singapore, Germany

EV and Charging

Safe and smart solutions, lower costs, improved product performance. With engineering expertise across automotive and electronics markets, PEM takes electric vehicles, charging technologies and infrastructure to the next level of innovation.

  • Products for current carrying applications
  • Watertight solutions
  • SMT solutions for printed circuit boards
  • Self-clinching nuts provide strong load-bearing threads in stainless steel sheets as thin as .8mm


PEM® fastening solutions can be found in life-saving medical products all around the world. We partner with industry leaders in health technology, biotech, diagnostics, and medical equipment to ensure their mission-critical systems always maintain reliable operational performance.

  • PEM® materials simplify assembly, reduce loose hardware, and create a more appealing aesthetic for medical products
  • PEM® fasteners offer innovative solutions for Lab and Medical Instruments, Analog and Digital Imaging Products, MRI and CT Scanners, and Chromatography Machines and more