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The Strategic Advantages of Partnering with a Distributor for Your PEM Fastener Needs

Table of Contents In precision manufacturing and construction, the quality of fasteners is pivotal to the integrity and durability of the final products. PEM fasteners are renowned for their robustness and precision, making them a preferred choice across a spectrum of industries. However, the decision to purchase these components through a distributor, rather than directly […]

Discover the Superior Benefits of Self Clinching Fasteners and Studs over Weld Fastener

Table of Contents Comparing Self Clinching Nuts to Weld Nuts Discover why innovative self clinching fasteners, often known as clinch nuts or press nuts, are considered a superior alternative to traditional tack weld fasteners. They offer enhanced versatility, durability, and performance while providing significant cost savings. Additionally, their installation methods are cleaner and more environmentally […]

Why Hoidan is the Trusted Distributor for High-Quality PEM® Fasteners

Table of Contents Why PEM® Fasteners Are the Industry Standard Investing in high-quality PEM fasteners is crucial for ensuring project success and efficiency. As a leading PEM fasteners distributor, Hoidan is committed to providing top-notch products tailored to your needs. In this article, we’ll explore the unique advantages of PEM fasteners, their applications, and how […]

Optimising Metal Assembly with PEM Self-Clinching Standoffs

Table of Contents In the realm of metal assembly where strength and precision are paramount, PEM self-clinching standoffs stand out as a premier choice for engineers and manufacturers alike. These fasteners are not only designed to provide strong, reusable threads in thin metal sheets but also ensure a cleaner and more efficient assembly process. Ideal […]

Maximise Efficiency with the PEMSERTER Series 4 Machine: A Leader in Fastener Insertion Technology

Table of Contents In the world of manufacturing, where every second and every detail counts, the PEMSERTER Series 4 fastener insertion machine stands out as a game-changer. This machine not only streamlines the fastening process but also ensures each fastener is installed with precision and reliability. Designed to handle a wide array of fastener types […]

5 Ultimate Steps to Choosing the Right PEM Fastener for Your Projects

Hoidan, a leading distributor of PEM fasteners, introduces a comprehensive guide detailing a five-step process for selecting the ideal PEM fastener for your design projects. This article delves into crucial considerations such as material compatibility, load requirements, balancing resistance and strength, and the significance of choosing a reputable manufacturer like PEM to guarantee project success […]

Enhancing Industrial Efficiency: The Haeger 824 WindowTouch-4e Press Machine Unveiled

Optimising Manufacturing with the Haeger 824 WindowTouch-4e Press Machine Hoidan introduces the Haeger 824 WindowTouch-4e, a revolutionary press machine that significantly advances the fastener insertion domain. Designed to enhance manufacturing in industries like automotive, aerospace, and electronics, this press machine combines precision and efficiency to tackle common industry challenges, making it a vital asset for […]

Automotive Electronics

Better process control, lower installation costs, faster time to market. PEM® innovative fastening solutions with flexible design capabilities are strong, clean, and reliable for automotive electronic applications.

  • Self-clinching nuts and studs for busbar applications
  • Solutions for current carrying applications
  • Tamper proof and tamper resistant fastening solutions
  • Permanently mounted blind threads in metal sheets as thin as .008”/.2mm
  • Installation time reduced by eliminating secondary operations

Consumer Electronics

microPEM® custom and standard catalog parts that are tamper evident and provide a total system solution in critical consumer electronics applications.

  • Micro sized and lightweight for cutting edge electronics
  • Designed for thinner applications and cosmetic profiles
  • Solutions for upcoming Right to Repair legislation
  • Recycled content across product portfolio
  • Sustainable solutions to reduce excess waste from machining

Datacom and Telecom

Do more with less and solve big challenges in small spaces with PEM® standard and custom fastening solutions. Featuring captive nuts, studs and standoffs for unique datacom and telecom applications.

  • Products designed specifically for centerline to edge requirements
  • Reflow soldered PCB fastener solutions
  • Solutions for current carrying applications
  • High corrosion resistance and water tightness requirements for liquid cooling
  • Customized solutions for industry standards