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Molded-In Inserts For Plastics

SI® Catalog • SI® inserts are typically specified in applications where strong, durable metal threads are required in plastic material, especially where frequent assembly and disassembly of the unit for service or repair is necessary. • Applications for SI® products include: electronics (including wearables, smart phones and hand held devices), automotive, aerospace and defense, medical, transportation, industrial and recreational equipment. • SI® inserts are available in brass, stainless steel and aluminum. • SI® inserts are available in a large variety of ultrasonic / heat staking, molded-in or press-in types. • Aluminum and stainless steel inserts for plastics offer lead-free alternatives to leaded brass typically used for brass inserts. – Lead-free inserts offer alternative to leaded brass to address environmental and end-of-life recycling concerns. – Aluminum inserts are approximately 70% lighter than brass equivalents and made from lead-free aluminum. – Stainless steel inserts are typically stronger than brass and may offer better protection from certain types of corrosive agents. • NEW compression limiters for plastic assemblies. • SI® microPEM® inserts provide threads as small as M1.

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