Discover the Superior Benefits of Self Clinching Fasteners and Studs over Weld Fastener

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Comparing Self Clinching Nuts to Weld Nuts

Discover why innovative self clinching fasteners, often known as clinch nuts or press nuts, are considered a superior alternative to traditional tack weld fasteners. They offer enhanced versatility, durability, and performance while providing significant cost savings. Additionally, their installation methods are cleaner and more environmentally friendly. For those looking to optimise their fastening solutions, self clinching nuts present a smart choice over conventional weld fasteners, and their compatibility with studs makes them even more appealing for various applications.


Self Clinching Nuts

Weld Nuts

Cost-Saving In-Die Installation

Single-step in-die installation capability eliminates secondary operations, increases throughput, and cuts costs

Secondary tack weld operations require more manufacturing time and energy consumption

Fasten Dissimilar Materials

Able to be fastened into several materials like common steel, HSS, sandwich panels, hot forming steel, and aluminum

Welding can only be performed on similar materials

Stronger Joints

The lack of a heat source (required for weld nuts) produces no weak points due to thermal effect

The welding process increases the chance for thermal stress or annealing

Reduced Weight

A mechanically attached nut is typically lighter than a weld nut while maintaining similar performance

The welding process adds additional weight to the part

No Coating or KTL Effect

Can install a coated fastener into a panel without disturbing the coating or KTL of either part

Welding process burns off existing coatings and creates opportunity for corrosion

Full-Service Technical Support

PEM provides comprehensive support – applications engineering, tooling, manufacturing, training, and tech support

Weld fastener manufacturers typically do not provide design and technical support

Reimagining Self Clinching Fasteners: A Modern Fastening Solution

Self clinching fasteners are robust, adaptable, and meticulously designed for a wide range of fastening applications, making them an excellent alternative to traditional spot weld fasteners. The concept of self clinching has revolutionized production fastening, establishing PennEngineering® as a global leader in the industry. As the need for securing thinner and lighter metals increased, the variety of innovative products expanded accordingly.

PEM self clinch design has evolved to cater to numerous new applications across various industries. Self clinching nuts, also known as clinch nuts or press nuts, along with studs, spacers, standoffs, access hardware, and other components, are utilized globally in sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics, datacom/telecom, and industrial, among others. This versatility underscores their significance in modern manufacturing, offering a reliable and efficient fastening solution that surpasses conventional weld fasteners in performance and adaptability.Uncovering the Advantages of PEM® Self Clinching Fasteners

Uncovering the Advantages of PEM® Self Clinching Fasteners

Explore the benefits of PEM® self clinching fastener and and studs:

  • Strong Threads and Attachment: Securely fasten metal as thin as 0.20 mm (.008″).
  • Simple Installation: Easily installs into a plain, round hole.
  • Flexible Installation Method: Can be installed using any parallel acting squeezing force.
  • High Resistance: Offers exceptional pushout and torque-out resistance.
  • No Special Preparation Needed: Requires no special hole preparation.
  • Smooth Reverse Side: The reverse side of the metal sheet remains flush, providing a clean finish.
  • No Retapping Required: Eliminates the need for retapping after application.
  • Cost-Effective: Ensures a low total installed cost.
  • Efficient for High Volume Applications: Supports in-die installation, ideal for high volume applications.

Why Choose Self Clinching Fasteners?

Clean Process

Self clinching fasteners offer a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to weld fasteners. They produce no weld splatter and consume less energy during installation.

In-Process Installation

These fasteners and studs are easily and efficiently installed into a plain round hole without requiring any secondary operations, streamlining the installation process.

Design Flexibility

Self clinching fasteners can be used to fasten dissimilar materials, including common steel, HSS, and many other materials, providing significant design flexibility.

Cost Reduction

Self clinching fasteners help reduce installation cycle times for both medium-volume and high-volume applications. The availability of in-die installation capability further enhances cost efficiency.

Issues with Welding: Challenges to Consider

The Challenges with Weld Fasteners:

  • Time-Consuming and Labor-Intensive: Welding is a process that requires significant time and labor investment.
  • Increased Energy Consumption: Secondary operations in welding lead to higher energy consumption.
  • Weakened Joint Strength: The heat from spot welds can weaken the joint strength.
  • Material Limitations: Welding cannot be performed on dissimilar materials, limiting its versatility.
  • Additional Weight: The welding process can add extra weight to the product.
  • Seal Quality Issues: Achieving water-tight seals on weld nuts can be challenging.
  • Technical Skill Requirement: The welding process requires a specific technical skill set, making it less accessible.
  • Corrosion Risks: The burning off of coatings during welding creates opportunities for corrosion.

By considering these challenges, it’s clear that self clinching fasteners present a more efficient, versatile, and reliable solution compared to traditional weld fasteners.

PEM® Self Clinching Stud vs. Weld Fastener

PEM® Self Clinching Stud vs. Weld Fastener

Advantages of PEM® Self Clinching Studs over Weld Fasteners:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Installation systems for self clinching studs consume less energy.
  • Lower Logistics Costs: Simplified logistics lead to cost savings.
  • Increased Thread Strength: Self clinching studs provide superior thread strength.
  • Clean Threads: No thread contamination occurs during installation.
  • No Thermal Stresses: The process avoids introducing thermal stresses to the material.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduced environmental impact due to cleaner installation methods.
  • Fastener Rationalisation: Streamlined fastener selection and usage.
  • Pre-Finished Compatibility: Panels and/or fasteners can be pre-finished before installation, maintaining their quality and appearance.

These benefits highlight why PEM® self clinching studs are a more efficient and reliable choice compared to traditional weld fasteners.

Converting from Weld Nuts to Self Clinching Nuts

Application Examples: Converting from Weld Nuts to Self Clinching Nuts

Industries: Consumer Electronics

Application: Mobile Phone

PEM® Solution: MSO4™ Standoffs

By switching from traditional weld fasteners to MSO4™ standoffs, this next-generation mobile phone was able to utilize a lighter 0.3mm aluminum chassis. The transition eliminated the need for similar materials required for welding, offering greater flexibility in material selection and contributing to a lighter, more efficient design.

Application Examples: Converting from Weld Nuts to Self Clinching Nuts

Industries: Datacom/Telecom

Application: Network Storage Chassis

PEM® Solution: SO™ Standoffs

Previously, the customer used weld standoffs but faced issues with weld marks on the customer-facing side of the product. By switching to SO™ self clinching standoffs, they eliminated these issues, resulting in improved cosmetic appearance and a higher-quality finish for the network storage chassis.

Application Examples: Converting from Weld Nuts to Self Clinching Nuts

Industries: Industrial

Application: Heat Exchanger

PEM® Solution: Multiple FH4™ Studs

In this application, over two million weld studs per year were replaced with FH4™ studs in M4, M5, and M6 sizes. This switch provided significant benefits in terms of installation efficiency and overall product performance, showcasing the versatility and reliability of self clinching studs in industrial settings.

Application Examples: Converting from Weld Nuts to Self Clinching Nuts

Industries: Medical

Application: X-Ray Image Processor

PEM® Solution: SFP™ SpotFast® Fasteners

In this application, the customer was already utilizing various PEM® fasteners. By switching from spot-welding to self clinching with SFP™ SpotFast® fasteners, they were able to eliminate the costly repairs associated with weld splatter, enhancing efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

If you’re looking to enhance your fastening solutions with innovative self clinching fasteners and studs, contact Hoidan. As a trusted PEM® fastener distributor, we offer a comprehensive range of products to meet your needs. Whether you need strong, versatile fasteners for automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, or other applications, our team is ready to assist you. Reach out to us today to learn more about how PEM® self clinching fasteners and studs can revolutionise your production process.